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Creating Benz Motorwagen

Visualize the construction of the original automobile piece by piece.

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Scaled 1:8

Every component of the CAD assembly was built using measurements from a 1:8 scaled official model of the Benz Motorwagen. The replica is mechanically accurate with functional gears, steering, flywheel, and differential sub systems. Even the vehicle's belt was operational. 

Measurements were taken by caliper and scaled within CAD. Each system was carefully examined and reverse engineered in order to understand the complex mechanizations of the vehicle.


Video Analysis and Schematic Research

While the scaled model provided a holistic view of the sub systems, finer details were missing in the 1:8 scale replica. Thorough secondary research was conducted through image and video analysis of functional real world replicas. Deduction was very necessary throughout the investigation process. 

Details such as the knurling and assembly of the oil tank atop the engine and fuel tank, as seen in the image above, were only visible in these visualizations.


Component Creation in PTC Creo

Over 1,600 pieces were assembled together within PC Creo in order to construct the final Benz Motorwagen vehicle. A large majority of these components were unique including bolts, screws, gears, and chassis components.

Most of the finer details are hidden from view within the final render such as the battery casing and most of the small components within the engine block.



Materials, Environment, and Camera

Every piece of the final render was produced within 3DS Max. Materials were custom built using NVIDIA Mental Ray with the assistance of three omni lights placed around the vehicle. The entire assembly video was produced in a single camera path.

Tests and more tests were conducted in order to accurate produce a photorealistic render of the Benz Motorwagen. Motion was added towards the end using inverse kinematics.




Karl Benz's epic invention.

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