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JDoe is an encrypted and anonymous platform for reporting sexual misconduct. JDoe identifies repeat offenders, provides direct access to civil lawyers, and ensures users have complete control over their data.

West Hollywood faces dense congestion and a need for space. Sunset Hub is a project from Grid Unlock, a research collaboration between ArtCenter Transportation Design and UCLA Hodgetts SUPRASTUDIO aiming to transform Sunset Boulevard for 2050.


Reimagine music in the car. Provide easy and responsive interactions through an adaptive OS fit for any commute. CarOS provides tactility and accessibility in a touch-based UI for Apple


Kinematically animated model of the original automobile. Built within PTC Creo and rendered in 3DS Max. Watch the film and explore in 360.



PEC-MAN is a portable, low cost device created to gamify and socialize workouts to help people reach their healthiest, happiest selves. Users will push-up and down with friends to escape mischievous ghosts and survive in classic PAC-MAN style.



Babylon is an accessible and affordable hyper-localized garden for the urban dweller. Babylon intelligently farms home grown fruits and vegetables through hydroponics for you at home or in your local community space all the while minimizing your carbon footprint.


Stay hydrated with a bottle that stays clean and keeps your water cleaner. Drink Well keeps you connected to your water-intake, ensuring a hydrated lifestyle and removing fears of losing your bottle. Drink Well helps you stay healthy, effortlessly.



Calsmv is a vehicle team that races the Shell Eco Marathon, which competes around the globe to promote sustainability. Super mileage offers opportunities for stimulating innovations, new industry collaborations, and immersive hands-on experiences.


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To tackle the challenge of congested commutes, Roll Car uses advanced control modeling to manage autonomous car to car interactions.

The future beyond autonomous cars. How can we take control of our lives on the road? Your car is your freedom to choose and your opportunity to be yourself.

Technicolor Painter is a versatile dot-painter designed for portable, rapid illustration. Whether it's last second events or emergency situations, Technicolor Painter is ready.