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Creating Super Mileage

Can green design maximize efficiency in vehicles?

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It Starts with an Idea or Two

Jotting down notes and ideas. Listing out the competition rules. These are just a few of the steps towards the creation of a super mileage car. 

Scaled drawings, sub-assembly placement, and component research. Discovering new advancements and modeling aerodynamics. A multi step process leads to advancements in vehicle efficiency.


CAD & Manufacturing

Bringing an idea to fruition involves many iterations and redesigns. Models and sub-assemblies are FEA tested. Construction begins with our in-house CNC router.

Molds are CNC cut from slices of dense foam, then pieced back together manually. From foam layer to putty, bondo, and fiberglass layers — each layer is hand sanded. Carbon Fiber is then vacuum bagged before internal components are added.



Safety and Optimization

Each vehicle is intensely tested. Beyond computer simulations, every component requires real world use to properly ensure safety all around. Safety preparations are made and ready to go. Final tuning also occurs during this step to maximize efficiency to the finest detail.


The Next Iteration

Super Mileage aims to always push towards increased efficiency and increased sustainability. With an all electric future, Cal Super Mileage is designing an electric prototype vehicle named Lux. In the future designs will lend to large scale, street legal electric urban concept vehicles.  


Design. Experience. Super.

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