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Creating Sunset Hub

Can transportation systems minimize congestion on Sunset Boulevard?

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Concept Analysis

Transportation Systems

Sunset Hub relates the intersection of people, vehicles, and infrastructure with today's transforming mobility systems. The project examines how technology, economy, and society is changing West Hollywood's identity. Discussions involved local residents and the West Hollywood city council in regards to their experiences along the Sunset Boulevard.

Insights examined why and how congestion occurs along the street with relation to intersections, parking, and hospitality. Each neighborhood has its own unique traits and challenges.

Site Study

Concept Sketches

Early prototypes were drawn on traditional mediums and translated to simplified two dimensional renders for design feedback. Initial ideas evaluated innovations in vehicle to vehicle communication and transforming street infrastructure. The need to consider peak hours and sudden influxes of people led to further designs and iterations.

The flexible hub concept brought infrastructure changes off the streets and into flexible architectural spaces. This allows the design to fit momentary needs rather than peak demands.


Site Study

Site studies were done in collaboration with UCLA's SUPRASTUDIO in order to learn how transportation systems and city-planning can intersect. This collaboration between the two fields led to new insights and new considerations.

A thorough analysis of peak hours was conducted for every transportation and hospitality venue along Sunset Boulevard. Peak demand was seen to change dramatically over the course of each day. Film created by Abdullah AlQabandi.


Model and Animation

The Sunset Hub was designed and created within PTC Creo. Building from early sketches, the hub assembly is created from stacked layers of concentric double helical ramps, double spiral escalators, and rideshare zones.

The design is dimensioned for large vehicles and can manage a steady flow of people and rideshare. Details such as EV chargers, furnishings, playgrounds, and more were added to bring the concept to life. Animation was done in 3DS Max.