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Creating Reimagine Mobility

Can cars transform how we connect and communicate?

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Point A to Point B

Early concepts focused on the interior appearance, the need to ride hail, and the personalization of transportation. How can users hail for the exact car they need, whether it is for a meeting, a personal trip, or something more particular.

Autonomous cars provide a new sense of control — the car becomes a space that offers passengers the freedom to do as they choose. We think cars should be the seamless connection between point A and point B. 

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Thinking Deeper

We spend hours in cars during commutes. Beyond their functions today, cars are a mobile platform unlike any other. They're our extended home. In fact, autonomous cars are mobile supercomputers on wheels. 

Cars help us connect and engage with our surroundings. With mixed reality, information and visuals can be placed directly on the glass around you — providing an enhanced sense of reality. Blur the line between what's real and what's enhanced reality.


Mixed Reality

How can we connect users to the world of information around them? How can we minimize our addiction to mobile devices?

Mixed reality provides contextual information seamlessly. Simply ask for something like the weather. The glass around you will fast forward through the day with life-like mixed reality. It will be like you're seeing into the future.


A New Platform

Mixed reality works as a total experience. From weather to maps, from video to web. Mixed reality controls the entire experience down to the sounds and the lighting. 

Future mobility will offer a boundless new platform for developers to utilize —  augmented video games, virtual travel guides, personalized moods.


Beyond mobility. The auto platform.

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