Zane Liu
Be curious.

Creating Drink Well

Can hydration be optimized in an increasingly health-conscious world?

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Prototyping and Personalization

Water bottles are used by everyone. That's why we interviewed and profiled over 175 users. Some desired portability and one handed use while others desired insulation and attractive design. Our key value proposition came from the user's lack of awareness of the potential bacteria that often grows within water bottles.


Design for the Environment

Over 45% of the American population claim to regularly use bottled water while 13.4% use bottled water as a primary water source. In fact, the global bottled water market is estimated at 117 billion dollars. By developing an easy to maintain, clean, and reusable bottle, Drink Well can help reduce plastic waste and encourage a sustainable lifestyle.


Minimum Bacteria, Maximum Hydration

Hydration is a key component to health that is often forgotten. The water experience has still yet to be tailored to the individual's needs. 

Drink Well is designed to gauge user hydration while maintaining a bacteria free design. The smooth body minimizes leftover water droplets while magnets replace threads in the cap to reduce trapped water. To maintain Drink Well, a rinse is enough to rid of any drink residue.


Inspired by IOT

Drink Well is designed as a connected device. We placed all important electronics within the cap to minimize the need for insulation. The lid is the obvious solution to measuring water levels and to UV filter.

And since Drink Well uses hydrophobic etching in the rest of the body, it is a tenacious bottle that is resistant to odor and bacteria growth. As new innovations come along, users need only to replace the cap to upgrade. 


Hydration made simple.

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